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The Puzzle of Apple Meeting Arrow

This print work of mine is a modern interpretation of the story of William Tell. By employing monochromatic printing technology, I attempt to provide an unusual visual experience through a stark contrast between white blanks and black ink. Every detail engraved on the copper plate represents my profound thought and emotional investment in this story.

The black and white background of the zebra infuses the entire piece with the dual metaphors of heaven and hell, symbolizing the life and glory compared to death and shame confronted by William Tell. A miss will let him feel remorse and humiliation for the rest of his life.

The hanging rabbits convey the powerlessness and dread of being bound and facing the threat of death. I hope the viewer will relate this element to the little boy's feelings in the narrative. The text surrounding the little boy reinforces this sensation of closure and despair.

What is encouraging, however, is that even in such a desperate situation, the power of a national hero in the face of the enemy and the threat to his loved one's life is still evident. It is why I use the jigsaw element around the borders of pieces. It not only represents bondage and shackles but also symbolizes the ultimate liberation and redemption. Each piece of the puzzle is metaphorically a part of the story, and when they come together, it signifies that the story has reached its climax.

With this piece, I try to convey the deep and powerful fatherly love and resilience in the face of adversity that I captured in the tale of William Tell. I would strongly encourage you to stop by the UBC Arts Centre to get a first-hand experience of what it is like while you're in the area.

Figure 1: The design draft 
Apple and choice.jpeg
Invert image.jpeg
Figure 2: The negative image on photopolymer plate
Figure 3: The etched image on copper plate for print
Copper plate.HEIC
Figure 5: The print image shown in UBC Art Center
Figure 4: The printing machine used for the project
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