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​Muti-dimensional Creativity

    These projects blended my explorations and efforts in several fields, showing how I combined creativity and technology, ranging from traditional photo editing to modern high-tech assisted design, such as 3D modeling and AI-generated works.

Below is a breakdown of my project:


  • Manipulate photos and videos using advanced image processing tools and techniques.

  • Main tools: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve and so on

  • Results: Collages, digital photos and videos


  • Develop projects utilizing front-end programming technologies.

  • Main tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Swift

  • Results: Responsive webpages with dynamic interactive effects

3D Modeling:

  • Design 3D models that reflect real-life events combined with imaginary ones.

  • Main tools: Blender and Cinema4D

  • Results: Architectural modeling, character design and scene reproduction


  • Concentrate on user experience and interface design, providing smooth and intuitive interactions for an application or a website.

  • Main tools: Sketch

  • Results: Prototyping, interactive animation and user flowcharts


  • Combine the latest AI technology to create unique digital images.

  • Main tools: Local Stable Diffusion by Python3 and an application called Draw-things

  • Results: AI-drawn cartoon images, the recreation of digital photos

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