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Healthy Food & Tips


This project creates a graphical user interface for an online platform for ordering food and beverages based on the software Sketch. Many overseas Chinese live in or even emigrated to Western nations where tipping culture is widespread, as a trend in the more globalized world. They may find it difficult to adjust to such a society. Also, they may not be familiar with the menu names of Western dishes. Thus, I attempt to create a unique application with several main features. Users can quickly understand the corresponding operations guided by the straightforward designs.

First, the application should offer users a clear tax and tip calculator on the shopping cart page, allowing them to know how much tax and suggested tip concludes in the total price of an item at the time of pre-order. Second, the owner of a gourmet restaurant can upload menu photos to let customers know what the food looks like. Third, it encourages users to share fresh, nutritious, and eco-friendly food with friends on the account page, matching the current sustainable food trends. These features help customers adjust to Western culture. Users can avoid the unpleasant experience of facing couriers or at the register, helping them integrate into the tipping culture. This application proposes more convenient and personalized services to overseas Chinese based on a thorough understanding of their modern lifestyles. In addition, the service tagline "You Buy, We Fly" with images of attractive cuisines will draw customers' orders and help the shop owners financially.

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