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Collecting Gem

Here is an open-source mini-game to enrich the Mac game ecosystem, for which a player can complete it in a single setting. It is a game that younger kids can play to help them quickly recover from rigorous learning and achieve complete relaxation. I also encourage teenagers interested in coding to download and recreate according to their preferences.

Project Background & Meaning:

In the journey of life, we all have some particular friends. As we still try to commemorate those friends who passed us by and those beautiful memories, we may go farther and farther away. Each diamond on the board signifies a milestone, an accomplishment or a significant event. They shine as a reminder that despite the distance from some of our friends, we are all growing and striving for a better version of ourselves. In conclusion, this coding project is considered a kind of emotional support, nostalgia, and hope for the future!

Technical Highlights: 

This project takes full advantage of the latest features of Swift to ensure the seamless functioning of the code and a high-quality user experience. I also include a sequence of emotional animations and sound effects to give the player a sincere touch. You can download the entire source code of the project from the link below and play it on your Mac using the application called "Swift Playgrounds" (Figure 1).

Video 1: The recording of Collecting Gem

Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 7.43.07 PM.png

Figure 1: How to download the Swift Playground in the App Store

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