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The Pearl Girl

the pearl girl_1.png

I recreated the well-known oil painting "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" for this project. I tried to turn the traditional image of the original artwork into a contemporary and amusing cartoon using 3D modeling and rendering technologies with the aid of Blender.

This work aims to go beyond simple formal changes to the original painting by undergoing careful modification. Regarding color rendition, I purposefully generated the sheen of pearls and the textures of dedicated skin per the original masterpiece. The little girl's smile honors the original artwork but also aims to highlight the distinctive appeal of contemporary ladies. I intensified her secretive smile to convey a sense of intellectuality and independence. By exaggerating the curves of her lips, I let her expression reveal a slight contempt. It challenges some of the opposite stereotypes used to depict the portraits of new women, which seem to be overrational and emotionless. This in-depth strategy attempts to embody images of females who reject conventional values and courageously pursue who they are in their ways. I hope all these things will strike a chord with you and provoke you to think rather than merely being a faithful recreation of a classic.

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