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Foxes in Fireflies Forest

This piece is an animation meticulously crafted, rendered, and created with dynamic effects using Blender modeling software. 

It is more than just a piece of artwork but something deeply remembered and cherished. The fox character reminds me of a little wild civet cat I used to feed in my hometown. However, the little creature has been returned to nature before I entered kindergarten. I have seen her many times in my dreams, each time in a peaceful, natural location. In the scene I envisioned, she was no longer alone but living with her mate and offspring in an emerald-green forest. Whenever I think of her, I imagine her running free, exploring, and enjoying life in that forest. This animation is a recreation of that lovely recollection and a wish for a better existence for her now.

This animation serves as the opening segment of a kids' educational video. Some recent hot news, such as ChatGPT, quantum entanglement, etc., has led me to initiate an impulse to create an educational video series. I'm considering making them into a series of chats from the Chinese Hundred Schools of Thought to academic arguments of modern thinkers, mainly facing younger audiences. I wish to utilize all my design and artistic skills and combine them with the latest digital technologies to create immersive and memorable experiences for viewers. The potential outcome is to lead children to resonate with ancient and modern philosophy in historical frameworks and think about where to go within the turbulence of the times and the great waves of contemporary history.

​Figure 1: Modelling a butterfly character

​Figure 2: Modelling a fox character


​Figure 3: UV mapping & texturing & rendering a fox character 


​Figure 4: Creating a fire model with color

​Figure 5: Creating grass for environment


​Figure 6: Establishing the whole structure


​Figure 7: Adding light and arranging camera settings


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