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 IU Cube

Through this project, I hope to share the perplexity and excitement of those adolescent years with you. It is more than just a simple webpage. It was a memory and an emotion during that period in my life.


Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to build this simple TLD (a top-level domain secured with built-in HTTPS) site to provide people with a seamless and appealing browsing experience.


Design Concept: When IU travelled the world as a Korean Aegyo and won the hearts of innumerable young people, I became one of them among those impressionable junior high school students. I collected many photos and CDs recording her smiles and songs. However, given the historical circumstances, particularly China's sanctions on Korea, I was forced to carry out my love for and adherence to this idol secretly within my heart.


For this little online exhibition to remember this unique feeling, you will witness images I painstakingly chose for this show; each frame represents and is full of my love for her and nostalgia for that period. The revolving semitranslucent cube with six photos will explode into six slips with the enlarged photos and a small cube with six additional ones when you move the cursor over it. It serves as a time capsule recording that period and a diary logging the unique feelings experienced by young people.

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