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Capstone Project

    Creating porcelain is not just a technical process. It's also a process that combines emotion, creativity and craftsmanship. More significantly, it is a practice for me to turn what I learned into commercial value.


Before opting for this project, I undertook in-depth market research to understand the market demand for ceramics, consumer preferences, and the technology and procedures involved with ceramics creation. By looking further into these background situations and knowledge, I identified the main contents of the project and prepared a detailed commercial proposal.


To enter my project website, you may click here to see all the details and results of the project.

Introduction of the Website Map

Market Research - This webpage illustrates the market research concerning the national and international market of Chinese traditional and contemporary porcelain, from which you can discover its large industry scale and market requirements.

Jingdezhen Porcelain - In this webpage, I share my further research results at a famous Chinese porcelain hometown—Jingdezhen, covering the excellence of its porcelain due to specific original materials and sophisticated processes.

Project Exhibition - Here is the final analysis of my search, from which you can discover how I determined the direction and goals of the project. On this webpage you can view some photos of the porcelain I made.

Project Summary - This webpage contains a complete project review, including articles about experiences, interviews, practices, and problems I encountered.

Project Benchmark - This section covers the primary milestones of the project, from the learning of the production processes to the actual manufacturing process. Each step is illustrated and explained in detail.


Overall, this project is not only a journey of learning how to make ceramics, but also a process of turning my knowledge into practice and my creativity into value. I hope that by sharing my experience, I can motivate more people to venture out of their comfort zones and fearlessly pursue their aspirations.

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