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​Fluid Rotation Timeline
Thanks for visiting my project gallery! This design is a tribute to Bilibili (a social media platform like YouTube with most Chinese followers) and my fans. I will share with you unique and lovely visuals via programming.

Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to build this simple TLD (a top-level domain secured with built-in HTTPS) site to provide people with a seamless and appealing browsing experience.

Design Concept: I designed an invitation card with cute little elves clinking glasses and playing games on a rotating wheel. It has a swirl near the center decorated with blinking stars in the universe. It is not merely for aesthetics. The universe and the stars represent infinite time and space, a metaphor for my unwavering support for Bilibili. Each star might stand for one of my fans, a past interaction, or a pleasant memory. I have published plenty of video content on this platform on various topics. In addition to being a devoted user of Bilibili, I also blogged about Bilibili. Fortunately, I have a lot of encouragement and support from my followers. Every single like, comment, and retweet gives me the most motivation.

In short, the purpose of this invitation card is to invite all of my supporters to the celebration of the 500 days we have with Bilibili. In other words, it's more than just a technical undertaking; it's a piece of art rich in feelings and narratives. I cordially invite you to enter my starry river and experience an incredible journey through the Bilibili platform together.
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