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Ace of Hearts: Queen of Destiny

The project "Ace of Hearts: Queen of Destiny" was made by Stable Diffusion on my Mac computer. I showed a mysterious young lady with rose-colored hair and a glint of curiosity and resolve about the future in her eyes. She was wearing an ornate uniform and a cap with exquisite decorations. She was holding a king of spade in her hand and was tending to draw an ace of heart behind the king, as if to demonstrate that she would be in control of her own fate (In a cartomancy reading, the combination of these two cards suggests a path paved by ambition and guided by the heart, pointing to the beginning of a new venture or relationship that could bear significant results.)

Her eyes were deep, as though they hid innumerable stories. She seems not to be just an ordinary little girl but possesses some type of incredible power, able to forecast or affect the path of the future. Her presence makes us reflect on the true meaning of fate and whether we are really in control of our future.


This project intends to disclose the relationship between fate and choice, destiny and challenge. With the image of this young girl in our minds, we urge ourselves to be brave enough to pursue our aspirations, to be unafraid of hardships, and to confront the unknown in the future. We also believe that "destiny is not the path given to us, but the path we choose for ourselves" (Will Ferrell).

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